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User Interface: Windows 8 Style | UX Magazine


User Interface: Windows 8 Style
Windows 8 arrived last year with a completely new type of user interface that targets tablet users without completely phasing out the traditional desktop. Questions continue to be raised regarding the success of this multi-interface operating system and its revamped style of UI.

This new OS introduces many new terms such as, semantic zoom, contracts, charms, and flyouts. It also suggests strict guidelines regarding the design of interaction, including a certain library of gestures and interaction controls, each serving an individual function. In terms of user experience design, transitioning from iOS or classic desktop to the Windows 8 UI style can become extremely difficult.

But regardless of whether or not Windows 8 succeeds as a multi-UI platform, could its style affect the overall approach to Web design? More specifically, could the horizontal scrolling of grouped information successfully replace traditional vertical Web schemes?

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